Commercial Solutions

The following 5 steps outline the basic structure of a Solar System evaluation and installment through Gone Solar for your business.

STEP 1 – Feasability

• Feasibility analysis
• Preliminary proposal
• Sign Letter of Intent; assign Project Manager

STEP 2 – Financing:

• Assessment of available incentives (tax credits, accelerated depreciation, state and utility solar rebates)
• Evaluation of financing options, if needed (e.g. leases and power purchase agreements)
• Preparation of paperwork; filing for non-tax based incentives

STEP 3 – Site Planning & Design:

• System Design
• Project planning (working with facilities personnel)
• In-depth engineering and logistical analysis

STEP 4 – Engineering:

• Specification of system details
• Structural engineering, if required
• Final system design and contract
• Submittal to the building and planning departments

STEP 5 – Procurement & Installation:

• Procurement of materials
• Solar Panel Installation
• Inspection
• System commissioning and testing

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