Solar Incentives

Here is some information on current incentives you may be elegible for by switching to Solar Power:

Solar Electric (PV) Site Evaluation

Taking the first step towards energy independence is easy. Call us today to schedule a site evaluation. This evaluation will be performed by a trained Gone Solar technician, and will include solar tracking analysis, shading analysis, roof pitchline and integrity evaluation, assessment of existing electrical service equipment, site accessibility review, analysis of site topography, and photography of site.

Residential Solar Incentives & Rebates

To encourage homeowners to invest in solar electric systems, the federal and various state governments offer generous rebates and incentives, designed to make solar affordable for everyone.

New York State Energy Incentives

New York State and the Government pays for 40 – 60% of the cost of your solar power system. Incentive Rebates New York State offers the following rebates for solar electric installations:

• Residential $1.75 per watt, up to 7 kW
• Commercial $1.75 per watt, up to 50 kW
• Not-for-Profit – $1.75 per watt, up to 25 kW

New York State ENERGY STAR Labeled Homes and Building Integrated solar electric systems are eligible for a $.50 per watt adder to these above incentives.

Residential and Commercial systems qualify for:

30% Federal Tax Credit
25% State Tax Credits

New York State Tax Credit

25% of installed costs for solar PV and solar hot water systems (each) capped at $5,000

Federal Tax Credit

30% of the installed costs for a solar PV system and hot water system
(the 30% is calculated from the full installed cost).

Property Tax Exemption

There is a 15-year exemption for any increase in the assessed value of your property as a result of installing renewable energy upgrades.

Solar Sales Tax Exemption

All sales and installation costs on solar PV and solar hot water systems are exempt from state sales tax (4%). Some counties are also exempt from sales tax.

New York Net Metering

According to the “Solar Choice Act of 1997”, all NY electrical utilities must buy back any excess electricity that a residential solar PV system produces and compensate the owner of that system.

New York Energy $mart Loan Program

The NY Energy $mart Loan Program provides reduced interest rate loans (4% lower than normal lending rates for up to 10 years) through participating lenders to finance the cost and installation of a photovoltaic system.

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