Solar Power FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Solar Power and Green Energy

How much will a Solar Energy System cost?

The cost of solar energy installation varies system to system. The size of your house is largely irrelevant, but you’ll need to look at your recent electric bills and decide how much energy you use in a given month (on average) and how much direct sunlight you get.

A rough range for upfront costs, including installation, for solar panels, inverter box, wiring, etc., is approximately $30-40,000 for a single family house if you are looking to entirely replace grid-based electricity with solar energy.  Your particular needs may range higher or lower.  Every install is different, depending on the energy usage, site layout, and size of the system. A good estimate is $7-8 per watt.

How will snow affect my Solar Energy System?

We do get snow in Central New York but the panels are built to handle the snow loads. However, they will not be as efficient when covered in snow. When the sun hits the sheet of glass that covers the solar cells they warm up and get quite slippery. So the snow does not stay there long.